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Old 04-08-2005
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Originally Posted by chicano831
Originally Posted by Calmanani
Selena was great.
I hear what SHT is saying though, people 'idolize' her and that's not cool. Even though I'd rather see our chicas 'idolizing' her than B. Spears or something.

The part that pisses me off is her parents. Los gueyes are getting (got) rich off her death. Que desgracia.

RIP Selena.

what are they supposed to do with the money?
With the money made from last night? I think they were going to donate it or something. Really don't know...

One thing is to start a charity, another is to make and sell dolls.
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Old 04-08-2005
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Originally Posted by lachiquita_57
Tell me something, did you never look up to or admire an artist? Are you not a fan of some kind? As far as superman and batman, etc.. THEY WERE/ARE CARTOONS REMEMBER? Why would anyone look up to/admire/ pretend to be a fictional character?
It's not about wanting to be superman when I grow up (Although that would be nice). Its about what inspires our people. They were symbols I agree. But, My god give her some credit for the work she put in to make her dreams come true in a society that discriminates and holds chicanos down. And it sounds like you are not to far from camparison of those kind of people. People like her greedy father and that bitch who shot her will always be there. there is nothing we can do about those kind of people. That's why a lot of people say fuck it im in it for me. Its a damn shame when you got to watch you back around your own peeps and have a hard time trusting anyone.

Selenas music may have not been written by her but without a voice it never would have been heard. That music, her voice, the beat it was all mexicano. It made people dance, sing along and it made us feel good. I was so happy to see one her get a grammy. She deserved it.

She was a mexican Idol as well as the first "American Idol".
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Old 04-08-2005
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aww i loved Selena. i have all her cd's. and i saw the concert it was so nice. she was such a good person.
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Old 04-08-2005
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Originally Posted by SuaveHighTimes
However, Selena, by your comaparison does not fall under the same catagory. She was in the business of selling, and thats exactly what she did by marketing her name to a main audience. She capitalized on a business to gain wealth, not to catapult our people into a higher class of citizens.

I agree with you that selena wasnt all that, her music reminds me of 70's bubble gum music. your last statement makes u sound like some sort of socialist, anticapitalist, idealist.
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Old 04-08-2005
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Default h

[fade][fade][align=justify]I think the concert was wak cause the some singers sucked and some showed no respect in how they were dresswed up!!!! but i loved SELENA'S songs was and are still hot.... i will always remember her!!!! she'll live through aout generations
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Old 04-08-2005
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hey hey hey now. Don't make me sound all bad and stuff. I loved Selena's music, her dreams, her ambition and will power to accomplish her goals in life. But like Suave said, I don't idolize her. OJO: I loved her music not Selena herself. There's a difference and that's were people make that mistake. Yolanda Salivas used to say that 'Oh! I love you Selena! BAM! Oops!" I mean shit, I'm not trying to make fun of the fact she's dead, but c'mon now, that's how people get obssessed. Right? right?

OMG! tell me about it LW, What in the hell was Paulina thinking?! I don't think it was disrespectful to her 'cause, um Selena wasn't exactly watching. But supossedly her parents did it in her memory (SUPPOSEDLY) Well, at least her mom I think is sincere. SO yeah, it was kinda insulting to her maybe
Tis better to have lived and loved than never to have loved at all.
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Old 04-08-2005
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u know what suave............why are you hating? Yeah i respect your opinion because its YOUR opinion and as a human being you have a right to express whatever the F**K you feel like saying. gots to respect peoples opinions as well. I means sure i havent gotten any richer or gotten far along in my success (keep in mind im still in high school) but i know that we all have role models. I agree with you on the whole idolizing part, but cant we all have someone to look up to? its cool if it doesnt go to far like that whole concert ( wich by the way was really nice to comemerate her ) I mean i liked it and everything but goes on. But she still reamins in our memories because she inspired many to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Either way its whatever suave I respect your opinion and hopefully youll respect others as well
Cristoval.............I love you mijo!!!!!!!!!!!!
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