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Writer's Block A place for writers to gather, show their skills, and talk about techniques or whatever. This is to include but not limiting to editorials, poetry, stories, and biographies.

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Old 01-11-2007
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Default self esteem

This whole vision is mine press rewind play it again you gotta love it,
Most donít comprehend my lines switch to slow motion though Iím above it,
Ignorance is bliss I want a kiss pretty baby I know you feel me,
My mind is to complex for most I found that when I picked up my pen in 2003,
I breathe the freshest air spitting my poetic word,
Iím a beautiful man with style and grace like a heavenly bird,
As the sun rises on the horizon it burns a gleam in my eye,
Only the best come from the west itís my home my piece of the pie,
While the world spins round and round I move in forward motion,
The man who lives in the past takes sips from the devils ocean,
My stomach is full I am becoming content with myself,
I feel like a gold necklace shining bright upon a shelf,
Can you walk in my shoes and see the world I been through,
Feel my lines wear my face tears will show I tell you,
The struggle of many is understood by very few,
The machine moves against me so Iím running,
I try to manifest my destiny because the Cavalry is coming,
Filthy from head to toe I need some new socks,
I throw on my gym shoes because Iím dodging Plymouth Rocks,
Putting down my chain I grab this white rope,
Dangling from an oak tree my lungs havenít any hope,
I know this world because I soar in the sky,
Injustice has been done everywhere I witness this with an eagle eye,
Dark smoke fills government rooms exhaled by deceitful thinkers,
Now the system is put in front of me I swerve no time for blinkers,
The world flyís by while I do 100 down the interstate,
In my rear view the hoods on fire itís the same in 50 states,
Homeless beg in front of abandon buildings this is my ghetto mind state,
My eyes are overwhelmed my heart hurts so I numb and intoxicate,
My lethal essence floods the paper like hurricane Katrina,
Life is precious it can end before maturity look at the life of Salena,
So I use life as a lesson learned now is my time,
Not filled with anger anymore I leave it all in rhyme,
Tomorrow is here holding my babies my life will forever shine,
So much more than the one that made me,
I will never leave the babies in a welfare line.
"If hip hop should die before I wake, I'll load an extended clip and body em all day" Nasir Jones
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Old 01-11-2007
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Default Re: self esteem

that shyt is fuckn sick. i love ur work.
jesus... your love knows no bounds
deeper then the oceans
higher then the heavens
reaches beyond the stars in the sky
jesus... your love knows no bounds
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