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Old 07-04-2011
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Default Re: Prostate massages


It's supposed to be hard - if it wasn't hard everyone would do it.
The hard, is what makes it great.

- Jimmy Dugan; A League of Their Own

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Old 07-05-2011
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Default Re: Prostate massages

And then lets take it back to the sperm donor scene in Road Trip. Thats where i first heard about it.

hey, if it feels good and helps ya out, more power to ya.
“When history calls your name, how will you answer?"
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Old 07-05-2011
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Default Re: Prostate massages

Originally Posted by tecpaocelotl View Post
How do both parties win?

I only see the male being pleasured in your scenario.
Do you not derive pleasure from pleasuring your partner orally or manually Tec?

I would imagine that's the implication here.. the party of the second part gets off from the party of the first part getting off..

Too me often enough the most memorable and pleasurable experiences are when I know the woman on the receiving end of my work is enjoying it and is excited by what I'm doing...
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Old 07-05-2011
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Default Re: Prostate massages

Originally Posted by tecpaocelotl View Post
I was being serious.

A human can be gay, straight or into different things.

You just assumed that when someone says they're a certain gender, that everyone would assume that if the person are a certain gender that they are into the opposite direction.

My assumption is if a person reveals that they enjoys prostate massages that you may be open to other things.
Ah, okay. I was under the assumption that you were mocking the thread with your response, in other words: It was so ridiculous that you had to make a post equally as inane to show your lack of care. Sorry about that. Yes, I consider myself open-minded, but it shouldn't be thought that it has no limits, or that I was always as much.

Originally Posted by GoldenArms View Post
What are you taking? I'm on Prozac and I've never had that trouble.
I can't speak for all anti-depressants, but Lexapro has been known to cause those side-effects, and they're quite common in many more. Others, like Wellbutrin, have less severe effects, and I've heard from others that their sex drive stays the same after taking it.

... Of course we have to take into account the dose, duration taking the drug, and the individual's response also play a part in how their sexuality is affected by any pill.
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