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Originally Posted by baldy View Post
At the moment i got some cheap ass imports i bought from amsterdam, i brought back bout 750 or somethin from when i was there. Hey, each pack was bout $6 over there compared to about $18/19 in england.

But in england i smoke a brand called B&H, or sometimes Mayfair, dont think u boys got that in the US. Be smokin marlboro too (I kno u got that over in america) but thats for chicas man not men.

The thing that gets me tho is that in american movies people be buyin their cigarettes in CARTONS....shit man cigs so are damn expensive in england homie that if you buy 1 pack you gonna be broke!

Wat do u smoke man?
Damn, those smoke ARE truly expensive in England!

Why do you say Malboro is for chicas? Malboro Red would be too strong for me.

How much does a carton cost over there?

Why do you keep calling me 'man'? I used to smoke but not anymore. I use to smoke Virginia Slims, Malboro Light, Camel, Newport and when I go to T.J. I would get Raleigh.
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