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### I feel this aint really double posting cause this is on a totally new subject hope u mods agree with me ###

Okay so I've officially decided to launch the competition for users to win $100.
Yes, you can now WIN $100 WITH BROWN GHETTO!
For anyone that's interested click the link in my sig (or if you're too lazy:!)

  • the winner is from Soy
  • or there is a lot of participation/help from soy members
I will add $50 ontop and donate that to Soy for the software upgrade/as a thanks. It aint much but its amounts to a atotal of $150 and thats all my broke brown ass can afford at the moment (after spendin quite abit on the development BG too).

Hope that all sounds good, and it should give Brown Ghetto the startup it needs

if u wanna help out even more then adding this to your sig would be dope:

HTML Code:
[B]WIN [COLOR="SeaGreen"]$100[/COLOR] WITH [COLOR="brown"]BROWN GHETTO[/COLOR]![/B] [URL="!"][u]Click here for details.[/u][/URL]
Looks like this:
WIN $100 WITH BROWN GHETTO! Click here for details.

any questions go right ahead and ask away

Your british native
BROWN GHETTO - A website dedicated to all us Brown Homeboys worldwide!

WIN $100 WITH BROWN GHETTO! Click here for details.

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