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Default Re: Some Dumb-Ass-Bitches

ok i see you put down ten bars so ill do the same to make it fair..

In my mind something said..yo just leave it alone//
stepped back, looked at, like im phinen fo mo//
yo big enterprises? betta save your funds//
cause all i see is a broke nigga like you owned ENRON//
You, be a pimp? and you own lil jro?//
neva seen a pimp who owes money to his own ho's//
bankrupt nigga's always claim to make alotta ends//
ill let cha step ya game up by writing you a blank check//
steppin up to me is somethin you gotta think hard//
cause ill get cha fucked like Ralo El Dorado's AVATAR// hahaha....
Life is what you make it.
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