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Default Re: Why don't you post?!

Originally Posted by 93FLEETWOOD View Post
Looking at it now, i'm kinda surprised how this place is still online. Someone, somehow is still paying for this. Maybe they got a deal(buy one, get one free), my web browsers are saying this place isn't "secure", so it's not priority. I'm thinking if people start posting and visiting here again, it might get more bots. The facebook page looks like it post more frequently. There was no post for thread for the entire 2017 year?(unless it was deleted).
Yeah, mods don't have the ability to do any maintenance. It's all up to el Mero Mero Sal and it's not a priority from what I can tell.

No bots! It's annoying to keep watch for them. lol.

Also, I completely forgot there was a facebook page about Soy. Haha. Not like I would post on there anyway

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