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Default Re: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq

Originally Posted by Solitude
Tyler Drumheller was the source I posted. He was a former CIA director.

You forget these were 500 WMD's that were expired and dismantled from the pre-gulf war that we knew about when Bush pulled out in the gulf war. It was not the WMD's that we were afraid of and told about by the current Bush that was said to exist and did not exist when we went in to find them !

I'm against Bush cause he is a liar.

and as for your UN comment - they were against the war for a reason. They knew he didn't have them and Bush was full of shit.
Tenant was a director and he got it wrong. My source was on the ground and has yet to been proven wrong. 500 WMD's were not dismantled. The really real condition of these WMD's are still not fully published in a formal report, remember that. The WMD's we weren't afraid of? You mean there are WMD's that you are not afraid of? HA! Let me get you one of those canisters we found and let you hold on to it for just one minute. Do you think you would say "Oh these are not the ones we were talaking about it's okay" If you are smart you will haul ass as far as you can. I will be in a cem suit with my Pro-mask and gloves. Not afraid of, HA! LMMFAO!!!

"They knew he didn't have them and Bush was full of shit."

Once again your pupose is clearly "HATE BUSH" BS. If they knew he didn't have them why were they buggen out about WMD's moving up to the war? Your argument hold no water.
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