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Default Re: Boxing as exercise

Originally Posted by SJ View Post
i wanted to start doing it. it really is the best workout, when you look at how fit they are, how much endurance they have and how much strength boxers have.
Yes! My trainer talks about that all the time, I have a newfound respect for boxers!
Originally Posted by Nelio View Post
I really wish it was more affordable to go to a boxing gym. I wouldn't take any classes though.

Kickboxing should be good too. You work more of your lower body then in boxing and as such the different areas in your core. Well, in my theory anyway. I am sure there is some evidence to back it up, lol.
Definitely agree! Before starting with my trainer, I looked into boxing gyms but I was blown away by how pricey they were for just a few classes a month.

Well I do plenty of strength exercises to target the rest of my body but kickboxing is good too.

Originally Posted by KoolArrow View Post
If I could afford it, I'd pay to have someone hold mitts for me Every day.
I never get tired of that.
I could see that for you lol

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