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Conversation Between tecpaocelotl and niaV
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  1. tecpaocelotl
    Just report. We all get the alerts when we do.
  2. niaV
    Mods are really dropping the ball on this site
  3. tecpaocelotl
    Hey. What's going on?
  4. niaV
    I actually knew of one girl who was either lesbian or trans (I say trans because her nickname was 'Stevie' and she had at least one picture that suggested it, too: for instance, one of a half nude woman staring into a mirror with a man's reflection on the other side). She was in excellent shape, gogo danced at a popular nightclub, and looked a lot like the Chicana version of Katherine Moennig.

    Then there have been at least two very obvious bulldykes at my college, and besides them, I don't *know* of any other lesbians for certain... femmes don't exactly broadcast their orientation, and I've probably known a few personally without even realizing it.

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