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  1. Video: Mardi Gras 2005 by Veronica
  2. Documentary
  3. Teddy LongShanks
  4. Michael Moore Hates America Clip
  5. A call to join forces to make a movie!
  6. Robbery scene
  7. SoyChicano Music Video
  8. Two fragments from an interview to person living in extreme poverty conditions
  9. Pocho the movie?
  10. i wanna make a movie...
  11. 4th year winners!!
  12. short project - Yaocihuatl
  13. Film buffs
  14. Making a Music Video...
  15. chicano documentary ideas
  16. The Road to Celaya
  17. Windows Movie Maker
  18. Uploading your own video for short clips....(My first)
  19. My first Youtube video...SLB
  20. Soldiers (past or present) with combat experience, PLEASE READ
  21. Guide to Filmmaking
  22. Adobe Premiere Vs. Final Cut Pro
  23. Lip Sync'n
  24. MS-13 Web series needs your help!!
  25. Home Sweet Home; short film, starring ME =0)
  26. ha ha I made a movie!
  27. 2012 short film i wrote and directed.
  28. Check out my Halloween short film.
  29. 1970's Narco/Almada Brothers Inspired short,"THE MEXICAN CONNECTION"