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  1. Always tell them "I Love You"
  2. Tips on Potty Trainging my son...
  3. Kids and T.V.....
  4. Runaways
  5. much props to these parents
  6. Your child/children Photo/s
  7. I have a new Family Member and since There is no Pet Forum
  8. pro life or pro choice?
  9. memories
  10. Babysitter!
  11. have you ever??
  12. Stealing
  13. My four year old wont eat meat.
  14. ? for the gurlz.....
  15. what do you think
  16. BedWetting
  17. Hair products for kids.
  18. Letter To My Mother
  19. Teeth!
  20. raising kids
  21. never hit a child.
  22. SEX TALK
  23. NAMING A BABY...
  26. Child Support
  27. Is 14 too young 2 be a mother?
  28. "This land is your land" Video
  29. "Mommy, Where do babies come from?"
  30. Abortion or no abortion?
  32. WHite Gurls!!!! WHy!!!!?(just a title)
  33. Allowances
  34. i have a question for the parents..
  35. Daniel jr.
  36. Soychicano Princess'
  37. For the Parents: Can you say You're PROUD of your kids?
  38. What age should a father stop tucking his daughter in bed?
  39. What do you think about this?
  40. STORY
  41. baby's 1st bath!!!!
  42. Ay! Que travieso(a)
  44. sorri mom
  45. boy to girl to boy again
  46. baby gets who;s last name
  47. What do you think of this?
  48. TWINS
  49. Any remedies?
  51. KIDS????
  52. Kids say the darnest things...
  53. Ur Kids Names...
  56. Happy Mothers Day
  57. Mexican Power
  58. Mijo defended Mija...
  60. SoyChicano's Princesses 05'
  61. SoyChicano's Lil' Pimps 05'
  62. Bottle Feeding
  63. Moving to a different country...with kids
  64. SoyChicano's DOGS
  65. my mom left me and my familia....
  66. Absent Father-- Had one? Are you one?
  67. Did Kary have her baby?
  68. What Do U Think Of Single Mothers
  69. Adoption
  70. if u had twins..
  71. Parents Allowing Their Daughters to Dress Like a Hoochie!
  72. Sex, teens and out of touch adults...
  73. Hispanic Kids Being Adopted By non-Hispanics
  74. What Makes You Proud Of Your Parents?
  75. Get another job!!
  76. How Strict Were Your Parents?
  77. The ol' "Birds and the Bees" talk.
  78. LMAO- My Son Took My Money!!!
  79. I know she didn't say what I think she said.
  80. I need parent advice.......
  81. Is parenting a right or a privelage?
  82. parent talk.....
  83. Mija Started School...
  84. My son Angel
  85. For all moms
  87. Let Me Know What U Think...
  88. umm..
  89. Would you allow your kids to become members of SOY?
  90. Words of Wisdom About Having Children
  91. Sambitho's Daughter
  92. lol...how cute!...what my daughter just said
  93. Whos Parents still spank them???
  94. not enough [the first time i talk about this]
  95. Shelter the Children
  96. Single + Dad = Cofused...
  97. Playing is excercise, right?
  98. I dont want kids
  99. Need Input
  100. at what age...
  101. A Father Writes To His Newborn Daughter
  102. i need help
  103. Im gonna be a Grandma.. yipppiee
  104. Dad Day @ School...
  105. Daddy ur gonna die huh
  106. Damn thats an ugly kid
  107. How Much Time Do You Get With Your Kids?
  108. parents, what do your kids watch?
  109. Found the porn
  110. Discipline Debate
  111. Its not my kid.
  112. No shoes or shirt
  113. Desensitized Children
  114. share them with us...
  115. Baby needs support
  116. help me convince my parents...
  117. Showing YOUR parents love....
  118. Am I a bad father????
  119. Paris Hilton or Jenna Jameson
  120. The final test...
  121. All Stars In T-Ball
  122. At what age do
  123. is it a big deal or not
  124. Y now just give them a scooby snack
  125. a lil trouble...
  126. Naming kids after deceased loved ones...
  127. Child Proofing Your house
  128. family tree
  129. Would u let ur kids get married?
  130. Inspect your childrens' toys.........
  131. smart ass kids
  132. why is mommy skin different than daddy
  133. Daughters Pictures
  134. Award for the WORST mom ever goes too...
  135. Your child jumped at school.
  136. How many members have kids?
  137. "mom"......."mom"........"mommy"........"mom"
  138. the last word
  139. Can I speak to you parents for a minute?
  140. Is It The School Cafeteria Food...?
  141. What takes to adopt a kid?
  142. Everyone Meet My Niece
  143. Stop Drop and Flop
  144. influences
  145. T-ball season wooohooo
  146. T.V. in the kitchen?
  147. different environment
  148. Mean Moms
  149. My daughters left me......
  150. Trouble at School
  151. Mi Hija's First Recital...BumbleBee Boogie
  152. is it hard being father/mother at the sametime
  153. Esta Loca Mi Hija....
  154. cruel children
  155. Kid Slaps Mother on Dr. Phil
  156. My babyboy is always crying when i try to dress him or change the diapers. :(
  157. Shes Walking!!!
  158. She Got her First Tooth!!!
  159. Xavier Vincent Is Here!!!
  160. baby bottles
  161. If you have a 1-4 year old baby and a b-day soon
  162. Parents and their limits
  163. I am a TIA...AGAIN!
  164. your parents parenting vs. your parenting
  165. Congrats to Nessa & Hispanic Pundit!!!!
  166. Childhood: Then and Now
  167. Children Go Missing When Uleast Expect It.
  168. Post Pics of Your Kids Thread
  169. Mother feeds kids McDonalds at 6 months
  170. Apple Pizza Dessert for kids...!
  171. Happy Birthday
  172. 99 Balloons
  173. Delivering a baby
  174. Customers rush in for the new Verizon cell phone!
  175. still born....
  176. Mom To Mom....what do i do....
  177. Single Mothers
  178. What is age appropriate for sleepovers?
  179. Dinosaurs having SEX:
  180. baby boy names
  181. Whose worse, MTV Teen Moms or Bristol Palin?
  182. Child Protective Services
  183. Male/father paternity leave
  184. circumcising your kid, yes or no?
  185. crying ???
  186. For dads only! =)