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Old 05-18-2011
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Talking Took a Democrat only 2 years to Capture OBL why?

When Bush the Republican two term President , could not bring the 911 guy responsible to justice?
It only took Obama 2 years to bring OBL to Justice , even though that was a mission to kill.

Where are the Republicans with their self rightous arguments on this ?

lets hear them?
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Old 05-18-2011
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Default Re: Took a Democrat only 2 years to Capture OBL why?

1) obama didn't do shit.
2) obama is a shitty president
3) bush was an idiot.
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Old 05-18-2011
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Default Re: Took a Democrat only 2 years to Capture OBL why?

why because the economy is not moving fast enough after 8 years of a trillion a year was spent only on the surface by bush and the republicans? or because the Republican Congress majority is not doing anything to help the rest of America and work with the President on anything?

their record of voting no on everything is not political theater is it? since the campaigned on jobs, and the economy, and now want to balance the budget with cutting the peoples basic fundamental needs, such as education and health care from the bottom up. I mean it almost sounds like baby boomers need to die according to the policies on class and group warfare by the Republican Governors, who seem to be doing the Dirty work of a Republican Majority Congress.

wheres the accountability the responsibility to the entire nation. its dangerous for one party to not work with the rest of the Nation, in the public eye.
Are you seeing anything being done in open or public eye during the Republican Congress? what are the doing for the economy to create jobs? we tried the tax cuts from the top down for the past 10 years of bush tax cuts, what did that get us? The Progress of Obama is unfolding , and the GOP is trying to make sure they have a way to defeat his work and efforts.

what i see is the corporations united ruling that gave corporations the rights of an individual changes the way the entire democratic process is made for campaigning fighting off unethical corporate favored kickback policies.
and then there is the re districting from the gop policies to segregate and suppress Latino/Mexican Votes. I see that as reason to believe political theater does not exist.

Although, i know there are some political positioning going on , on both sides. I dont feel so sure about either in some issues myself to be objective and reasonable. I do realize this will always be there. Although he is only one man, i dont see him stepping into a noose to change rome over night before dismantling the corporate coup. he is smarter than that.

I just hope he can get back into office to finish the job he was elected to do, he has not congress out of fear of having a black president to have the kind of control Bush had, which is the typical minority credibility trust thing of having too much power. I will give him the benefit of the doubt i didnt give bush and other who voted for him did.

All he needs is the power to enact his policies to do the job he was elected to do, after those Dems fought hard on HCR in public forum, many were targeted on a list by the Made from the Republican Party and done through the Tea Party at town halls. Although he has turned the gop against each other by keeping some of their own people in power, but he is removing their power by doing so, and the tea party backfired , and every GOP leader given the torch is ending their own career with that kind of Politicking, the Republicans are at each others throats on Health Care and Education, Workers rights, women rights, only the fundies are brand name voters and ignore the trends and policies.

I will say this, the Cultural warfare on minorities is power abuse that is bleeding over to their own voter base which is becoming class and group warfare on all the Common Class people from the bottom up. its like they are cutting their own throats and stabbing each other in the backs for power, and the whole social engineering thing with health care is directed at those who are from the bottom up, they -gop does not care if its their own if they are part of the baby boomers... if youre a tea party go'er, they will drown you. its like being a chicken and voting for KFC.

8 Year of unwinding and other years of bargaining takes alot for one single president in two years. i have some realistic expectations for someone who has no congress to help the economy or jobs after the filled the stimulus bills with piggy back bills to line their pockets and raise the debt , to blame it on spending to get a congress elected to do nothing but vote no.

Getting back on topic; Every single arguement falls flat on Dems on Nat Security and having Balls, Obama pulled it off and the rug out from the Gop ! they despise him and especially white women who speak out on his behalf, the camera wont show their faces on Morning Joe , they spin the camera, as an example.

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Old 06-22-2011
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Default Re: Took a Democrat only 2 years to Capture OBL why?

Obama is a great imperialist president! He has deported more than 700,00 individuals, many indigenous to this land, and many others who are real immigrants are only working class folks trying to survive the ravages of capitalism.

Obama has supported the two Imperialist wars, and started a third one in Lybia, he is also followign the Neo-Liberal economic model that has left Mexico in ruins.

Why would anyone use Che as an avatar and hold such reactionary political views? If the only thing you know about politics is democrats and republicans they you don't really know shit about politics.
Ireta P'orheecheri - Juchari Uinapikua
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