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Old 12-11-2007
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Default DNA testing and How to find and track down relatives

The first part of this will be sites for DNA testing.

DNA sites

It is really important for you to get a DNA test done. Not just the Y chormosone (which is the test of the paternal side of your ancestry) but also the MTDNA (Maternal side as well) This will tell you exactly where your origins lie. Even if you know for sure that your family comes from where you say they do, it's best to do this and have it documented for yourself.

I believe that women on are tested for MTDNA but I would ask the company you use on that one. I could be wrong but I don't think that they do.

Now we are going to touch on the subject of tracking down relatives and making contact with them.

For some of you, there is not interest in doing so and that is OK. But for those of you who do want to find your family out there and let them know your alive these sites will help. They are not full proof, if anything they are kind of hit and miss.

However you take the good with the bad and there are times where you will come up with a good hit and get what you need. To give you an example, I was looking for a relative of mine in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And I happened to have the name of the kids of a particular relative.

Well, I was checking out the obituaries one day in the Albuquerque Journal and came across the obituaries of one of my relations. It gave me the names of his parents(luckily because not all of them always will list the parents) and it listed his brothers, sisters and other family members. Of which I had a list of and was able to make the comparison and verify that it really was them. So I then used one of the services below and was able to attain the address and phone number of his sister, who was a cousin to me. I called her and made contact with her.

When you do finally make contact with a relative first off make sure you let them know you are not a telemarketer! Usually they think you are right off the bat and then start to hang up on you. Once you have done that then hit them with the facts about how you think that you are related. Tell them names that they will be very familiar with them up front as this will keep them on the line long enough for you to tell them the rest of the information that you need to let them know to prove you are legit.

Then find out if they have an email address and if so then try to email them a family photo that they may possibly recognize. Once they realize it is true they should be at least nice to you.

Not all relatives will want to be in contact with you and that is ok. But sometimes it can yield a real treasure for you and the work pays off. For instance, when I found my cousin, who is in her 80's she sent me a picture of my great grandfather. I had never before seen him in my life and for me it was really great! I now have it and was able to share it with other family members as well. So it does have it's rewards. I know that to some of you it may sound crazy but it can be exciting. But mainly use common sense when approaching such a project.

Also remember, they can also sometimes yield you more information on your line that you did not know either.

I'll write more soon. EHP
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