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Genealogy Anything related to Genealogy.

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Old 12-11-2007
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Default When your really not who you are.......

Here is another all important tip for all you genealogists out there and anyone who finds out they have a snag in thier family line.

When tracing your family lineage, if you ever run into any ancestor that was born illegitmatly, then DNA testing will be of immense importance to you. The reason being is this..........

If your ancestor is an illigitimate birth and you really want to find out your real surname and who your familia really is then I'd recommend taking a DNA test and then after you get your results you can see if they find a genetic match to your own DNA. It won't always give the result you want and you may not find out your real surname but it is worth it.

This could possibly tell you what your real surname is and who your real family line is as opposed to the one you had because the mothers name was given to the child instead becasue the father was not around.

This can really open up a lot of doors that you never had access to before, and will put you on the right path to finding out more about your ancestors. This also works for adoptions as well. DNA doesn't lie and it will tell you what you need to know in that case, however it won't tell you everything. The technology is still limited these days to just the lines.

It's kind of like a hamburger, it will tell you about the buns but cannot tell you too much about what's in the middle.

I would reccomend taking the 67 marker Y chromosone test and the Mtdna Plus.

Family tree DNA has these tests as a package deal and they run about maybe 400-460 bucks. It seems a little expensive but it's well worth it. If you cannot afford it then you can take just one and they have cheaper tests that test a lower amount of markers.

If you get the chance check it out. It's definatly worth looking into.


Anyone out there who does take these tests or at least one of them please drop me a line and let me know how it came out. I would like to hear about it.
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Old 12-11-2007
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Join Date: May 2006
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Default Re: When your really not who you are.......

Thanks hermano! I appreciate that very much. It's alway nice to hear that from someone. yes it is in many ways plus a lot of my natural family that is around has died off. I wanted to contact more family and also be able to pass a lot of these things down to my daughter. Not too mention I am very passionate about Genealogy as well. Plus if I can help anyone out there who has an interest then I am very pleased because I know I have made a difference for someone in their lives. Even if it is small. But thanks again, EHP

Originally Posted by SLUGZ642 View Post
I TAKE IT YOUR avatar name has a lot to do with why you are so desperate to trace your family history. "EL hijo perdido" you are family here on soy don't trip.
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