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Books Discuss here about your favorite reads.

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Old 05-05-2004
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I'm still stuck on "Catcher in the rye", I haven't been able to finish it right away cuz I have sooo much stuff goin on. I was givin a book as a gift called "Take time for your life" that I have no tiem to read lol it's " A personal coach's 7-step program for creating the life YOU want" by Cheryl Richardson. Someday......I'll get to it.
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Old 05-05-2004
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& yes it is a good book. Now only if I can get it done!
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Old 05-05-2004
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latina, i know exactly what u mean girl.

i personally like books by chicano/a authors.

victor villasenor has a book called rain of gold. i LOVE THAT BOOK! its so good. u cry, u laugh, its just one of those books that really draw you in.
also, sandra cisneros' book caramelo....same thing. and jimmy santiago baca, who is also a poet has an autobiography called....a place to stand. (i almost forgot) that book is really good too. lots of craziness.
its not even real life
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Old 05-14-2004
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ok.. Mr. Perez.. Whoever said that by readint the book "Why are all the black kids sitting togethere in the Cafeteria" meant that someone didn't know of their own culture? Maybe that author interest a person or they want to learn more about other cultures. My 2 cents.. so please don't come back at me with drama

Anyways.. I enjoy reading books by Carlos Cuahutemoc Sanchez!!! If you read Spanish I strongly reccomend his books! They will make you learn, wonder, realize, cry, laugh, smile, and anticipate!

"La Fuerza De Sheccid" (My favorite)

"Un Grito Desesperado"

"La Ultima Oportunidad"

"Volar Sobre el Pantano" (Really Good!!!)

"Juventud En Extasis" I and II
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Old 05-14-2004
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Default Re: Summer reading

Originally Posted by PEREZ1977

The Daily Life of the Aztecs
Jacques Soustelle

(this book will undo the racist perspective of the Indian civilizations.... they were NOT uncivilized or backwards.... in reality they were MORE advanced than Europe)
i have read this one. in fac ti have it. i own it. my mom bought iot long ago. and i am still the only one in the family to have read it. my homie borrowed it because his wife is full aztec descent. she is really light skinned. but both her parents our of aztec descent. u can see the characteristics really well in her face to.


a good one to read. and i have yet to find it again. but i got it from my public libary.

pretty much the inidan wars of the united states but it is a long but good book,. i read it in high school. and checked it out again to read when i went to book camp. but i dindt have time to even crack it open.
nbit it is a good book. it tells u about almost all the indian wars. and it tells u the truth for th emost part.
the real provoking of the apache tribes. the ruthlessness of the miners to the apache people. wounded knee. the little big horn. the extermanation of the MOHICAN people. by the settlers. chief joseph's plite. tecumsah, king pontiac. and many others. good read. i will try and make it to the libary to get the exact title abnd author.

but my real summer reading with consist of reading the instruction manual for the JVC professional camera we use for ashoots and production.
also my HTML book. they want us to read chapters and shit.

and then my TECH & Business writing book. have to read the chapters because we r quized online and then have to do a discussion in a message board they have set up. and i havent even gotten anythign from my physcology class. but i here there is alot of readinf there to. so yup. this semester i will have to actually do alot of reading. lol
“When history calls your name, how will you answer?"
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Old 05-23-2004
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Default Re: Summer reading

Sandra Cisneros
(A House on Mango st)

Rudolfo Anaya
(Bless me Ultima)


Ya those are very good books. I gotta agree wit Perez but as long as ur readin its all good.
I'll always wonder why I emotionally invest myself in something I have no control over. . .baseball is beautiful.
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Old 06-06-2004
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you never know...
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I need books to reaaaaaaaad! So im taking some of yalls suggestions.
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Old 06-06-2004
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Karylaprincesa knows what she's talking about when she suggests Carlos Cuahutemoc Sanchez!! Specially for the young people, I've read some of them and they are awsome.

One of my favorite authors is Gabriel Garcia Marquez (one hundred years of solitude).

If you like horror and mystery try Dean Koontz.
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Old 06-06-2004
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I'm not the type that reads. In fact most of the reading I've done was because I had know, school related.

Eventually I did read "The Catcher In The Rye" (didn't really see what's so special about this book).

Anyway, after a long period of not doing any reading of my own, I picked up a copy of "1984" by George Orwell. This book is depicts an interesting look at the "future" and how Big Brother seems to always be watching you and can pretty much read your mind. I liked this book, couldn't put it down.

Right now, I'm reading "T2: Infiltration." This book picks up where the movie T2 left off. It is about SkyNet raising humans and making them serve it. The book focuses on one of these humans who is then sent back to the "present" to make sure SkyNet is well taken care of and to find the Conors.

In my opinion these last 2 books share a common topic. They both deal with the possible futures that may await us.
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