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Writer's Block A place for writers to gather, show their skills, and talk about techniques or whatever. This is to include but not limiting to editorials, poetry, stories, and biographies.

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Old 09-12-2016
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Default Tonatiuh-Ilhuican

This is one of the poems on the Mexica that I have worked on. Let me know what you guys think, Timexihcah!


Canto flor
Que sale con mi voz
Como el fuego
Que alumbra la noche
Y quema la maldades del colonialismo
Como corazon en fuego
En el piso de Tenochtitlan
Que se convierte en mi escudo
En esta lucha contra la supremacia blanca
La creatividad original
Es lo que la gente busca
Y lo encuentra enterrado en nuestros corazones
Como las flores del nopal
Shaped like a heart
Algo hermoso
Like the sight of Venus
The myth of "A New World" dies
A "martyr's death"
With knowledge that enlightens
Light in the darkness
That goes down with the sun
With the force of 100 million warriors
My people build teocalli's with their songs made out of flowers
A brother or sister asked me where Tenochtitlan lies
And I told them "follow your heart"
Like Huitzilopochtli guiding you
Through the stars, through the Milky Way
Let your senses tell you the truth
Do you smell the war flowers?
Do you feel the pages of our ancient books?
And smell the ink dry?
Do you taste the corn?
Do you see the chimalli shield protecting the truth?
Do you hear the battle cries?
That are carried in the breeze of Ehecatl's breathe
Travel the skies
And sit atop the Templo Mayor
Did you see the eagle percched on a cactus devouring a serpent?
Did you find the tenochtli?
In you heart?
Obsidian blades are sharpen with knowledge
And strike from my heart
Is this Tonatiuh-Ilhuiican or is this Mictlan?
Is this the dark side of metzli the moon?
The sacred water quenches the soil's thirst
And cultivates the maize
The dirt is imprinted by the jaguar's paw
Is this the underworld or poetic underground?
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