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Identity Anything pertaining to Identity issues.

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Old 02-12-2011
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Default Re: A message of an Eternal brother Lakota to "his-panic" people

Originally Posted by LaChavela View Post
this is a free country - and we are on the net..............

its okay to have people who worship other gods or people other than who you worship.....

its okay to be proud of your bloodline

its okay to be different............I encourage you to embrace the differences in us and try to understand and overcome your bad feelings.

be at peace
I think what hes getting at is that if your pride turns into bigotry it becomes a problem... Pride has a way of doing that.. This is why most of the world theologies and spiritual teachers discourage and loath pride. Its one of those universals just like dont rob, dont be a glutton, ect. doesn't mean people observe it though.
Being comfortable with your identity is important, having excess pride in it tells others you are weak.
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Old 02-07-2014
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Default Re: A message of an Eternal brother Lakota to "his-panic" people

Originally Posted by QMX View Post
This a Message by Tokala our eternal brother, spiritual warrior of our Lakota family.

Brought to you By: Tokala
Date: Jun 18, 2008 10:03 PM

A message of an Eternal brother Lakota to "his-panic" people

Hau Peoples of the Lands Called Americas.

I am a Man native to these lands and I have come to tell all of the children of the western Hemisphere that everyone, including myself, are the products of several generations of intergenerational Institutionalization.

I speak the truth and it scares some people into waking up.

Others Will Kick and Scream and Shut their eyes tighter.

But All shall hear me speak the truth.

The conquering of the Americas has never ended.

We are programmed by the evil theory of Manifest Destiny that says the colonization of our homelands was divine destiny.

We are brainwashed into believing that we are not Free.

Or even worse, that we do not belong to this land.

But that it belongs to them and that we have no power.

They fooled many of us into believing our institutionalized Stockholm-syndrome suffering grand-parents.

There are many that have darker skin than I do and show the features of beings from these sacred lands, and yet they are trained to believe with all their heart that we are Spanish, Or Americans, Or anything other than the people that have the only real rights and responsibilities to these lands.

First they tried to kill us physically. It didn't work.

Then they tried to kill us Mentally;
So they stole the children of our people and sent them to learn the ways of Jesus and forced them to speak the language of the Colonists, In your case Spanish. They did this to make your ancestors forget to teach you about your rights to this Land. But the spirit of our stolen children could not be broken. Many ran away, and prayed in secret, and they could not kill us.

So they had to make a new plan. A plan to slowly, generation by generation, convince us that we are not the Lords Inheirant of the Americas. To destroy the spirit they could not conquer by slowly over many generations, convincing it that it was something else.

I say no. I teach people to be proud of the Indian Blood. It is the most Noble of all blood lines that exist on these homelands of my people.

I Walk as a Free Lakota.

I know my right to this Hemisphere, and my responsibilities as well.

For no matter what the White Man Tells you, whether that White is Spanish, English, French, or Portuguese;
You must always Walk as a Free Man or Woman from these lands.

Never let those that died being prisoners of the colonies of Europe be forgotten.

The people who died so that you could live to free your mind from the prison around you;
Whether or not you wake up, These people should be honored, not hidden en leu of the less than 50% Spanish blood that may be there.

I do not tell you to hate the Spanish part of you, I just want for you to be proud of who you really are. Mixed blood Indigenous people.

Not the Real Owners of these Lands.

But the Real Owners of the Rights and Responsibilities that come from belonging to these Lands.

Open Your Eyes, To long have they given you your thoughts.


"WELL SAID BROTHER....WELL SAID", irregardless of how powerfull the european invaders are, their time in power will come to a brutal end. Simply because of how evil and hateful and how selfish they are, they will crumble to dust much like a rotting carcass will inevitably decay to nothing. Not all white people are evil,and not all natives are noble, but the tsunami of destruction that the european colonists have done to us will surrender to a cosmic retribution. Like ancient Rome, this invasive culture is rotting from within due to it's own cultural depravity. I truly believe this. The signs are everywhere from it's flawed bueracracy to it's pluralistic self loathing of it's people against each other. Unfortunately, we must begin the process of rescuing our own from the self destructive nature of chicano gangs which has decimated countless generations of our gente. The tears that flow from the mothers who have lost their sons and daughters to this scourge must be replaced by hope and genuine understanding.
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