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History Discussions relating to Historical topics about culture, religion, and/or regions. Topics need not be specific to or related to the Chicano Culture. However, Chicano History is more than welcome.

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Old 09-26-2008
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Default Re: First Americans to Settle America Came From Europe

Originally Posted by El Californio View Post
Your roots, that's what. I never said that you have to feel any obligation to government of Mexico (the government is a relic of colonialism) but the people and culture are another matter entirely. You not feeling that connection is similar to a son of Chinese immigrants looking at anything that is Chinese as completely foreign when their people come from that
I will always feel foreign in Mexico. "Oh look at those pochos", and here I'm Mexican. In Mexico I'm White. What's the deal? When we go back to Mexico there is always an anti-norteno sentiment.

Where exactly in northern Mexico is your family from? My fam isn't from northern or even southern Mexico. We're from Jalisco in central Mexico on the west coast. I too have some family that is light skinned but that doesn't mean we're European. Our culture and roots are from Jalisco. I know this because no matter how light or dark some may be, I can see Native features and in their faces.
My grandparents from both sides settled in a little town, my assumption is they broke off from Guadalajara. My father did live in Guadalajara when he was younger. Well I don't see that many Native features in my immediate family except for some cousins I have who are of Peruvian descent. And even one of those kids has red hair. One of my uncles when he shaves his head could be mistaken for a skinhead LOL.

The names of the towns and ranchos are in Nahuatl which tells of deeper historical ties beyond what the road sign says (such as saying that towns were founded in 1524). Roots run deep my friend. Much deeper than most care to imagine.
In the town where my parents are from there were indians there. In hills they've found indian artifacts. However the town was established only recently.. goes back about 70 years.

So we needed the White man from the North to tell us who we really are?
No, who the indians were. Same goes for the egyptians. Who leads most of the excavations?? Americans! In fact a Russian dude deciphered a lot of Mayan hyrogliphs during World War 2.
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nighter1 debunks his own post

nighter1 cannot answer my question - OWNED.

nighter1's display of stupidity: Calls Black Taco's 'Racist'
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