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Old 10-23-2008
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Default Re: High BLood Pressure

Originally Posted by raven116 View Post
Oh Cali I am sorry! And yes sometimes if it is in your family HX than more than likely you have a predisposition.
There are triggers though, too much alcohol consumption, recent weight gain (and it does not have to be alot 5 lbs can do it), a change in work, family and so forth, i.e stress levels go up, or "White coat syndrome" (Fear of doctors)
Did you just go for a routine physical? Were you sick and felt you needed meds? Have you been taking anything for allergies or a cold lately?
The reason I ask is because you may have medically induced hypertension, some over the counter meds including , elixirs, cough syrups, allergy meds will elevate your BP temporarily and as soon as you D/C (Discontinue these your BP will go back to normal)
Or were you exhibiting, Shortness of breath, tightness in your chest, nausea, the feeling like you were going to throw up, tracers (Little black dots in front of your eyes) Ringing in your ears or lightheaded? These are all symptoms of elevated BP.
Chance are with daily walks and about 10 mgs of a BP med i.e Lisinopril it will be under control, nothing to be afraid of....
well there are many factors, not only does it run in my family but i have always proned to anxiety since that also runs in my family. i do take meds for my allergies that are prescribed. but also like how you mentioned white coat syndrome. for some reason when i go to the doctor, i already get an automatic dreadful feeling. so when they usually take my bp, it is high.

but im not overweight, i was 182, went up to 189 since i started eating all the wrong foods. so i know that contributed. i was an avid runner and ran about 3.5 miles about 3-4 times a week.
i think my prinary cause is genetics. but my doc put me on 10 mg of lotensin. and i went for a follow up on tuesday. i was nervous like hell thinking my bp was gonna be high, but it was actually 132/89.. its an improvement
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