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Default Should I marry my gf who is pregnant with my child?

I got my girlfriend pregnant. Sheís 6 months pregnant now and her family is wondering if we are planning to get married. Iím not yet that ready to get married anytime soon. Should I marry her? I am not going to run away from my obligation and responsibilities as the father of my child but Iím wondering if there is really a need to get married these days. Iím starting to think that marriage is quite useless but maybe this is just an unconventional view.

My gf comes from a country where marriage is a big deal whereas I come from a country where it is more liberated and relaxed when it comes to marriage. This results to a clash in our beliefs and culture. I think I really need a foreign bride 101 lecture so I know what to expect if we do get married. Iím quite confused as to what I should do next. My life is a blur as of this moment and I need some words of wisdom. I love my gf but the idea of marriage is just not appealing to me as of this moment.
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