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Default Re: Can a chicana be mixed race?

Originally Posted by CaliPac View Post
Well... if you want to get technical... a large % of anyone in the Americas with a spanish surname is of "mixed race". Whether they'll ever admit it is another topic.

Oh and my guess is... this girl probably has a cholo dad and a white mom, and is wondering if she can still be considered Chicana. Just a hunch.
Growing up, I remember there was a lot of people who were part Mexican (their Mexican side had many generations in the United States. At least I assume since their grandparents spoke English), part something else. Not really white, but part Filipino, Samoan or part Native. When I asked them (of course, this was elementary) what they were, they said Mexican. Not sure if they said they were Mexican bc they consider themselves that or just didn't explain the long story or just didn't know. Of course, the parents of these mixed kids had jobs other than working in the field like most Mexicans in the town.

Of course, I have met some white people who claimed they had a Mexican grandparents or great grandparent and they got their last name changed legally. Of course, this was my high school years, so I'm assuming their parents changed their last name and told their kids this so they can get grants and scholarships for college.
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