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Default Re: Is it wrong to buy a girl lip gloss?


the risk of getting the wrong thing(things btown pointed out, allergy, something she don't like, etc) far exceeds the possible benefits. being told it was "cute" or "thoughtful" is not really a benefit imho. Mainly because there are plenty of other ways to get the kind of praise with far less risks, lol

however do know your audience...if you think it's super important for her, for you to do stuff like that and you know what you are doing, done your research, etc, by all means I'd say go for it.

None of the women I've dated would be into that kind of thing so personally I'd never do it. Id only consider it if it's someone very close to me and I know it's important for her. In which case, I'd make sure to bring along an expert, lol. don't have the time and/or interest to do the research myself and become an expert...that shit is gay, lol

Originally Posted by Lamberto Quintero View Post
I was at a car show, and I like this girl that was working there, she was selling make up, so I bought lip gloss from her for another girl I'm seeing. Is that wrong?
totally glanced over the wording here...the only reason you bought the thing was because you were attracted to the chick that sold it to you? It's not wrong in the sense you dig the other girl, but I am sure the girl you bought the lipgloss for, will probably have a problem with to keep that detail out of your story, and hopefully she doesn't ask why you did it. if she does, hopefully you are a good liar, lol

did you at least get the makeup chick's number?

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