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Default Re: post your computer setup(s)

Originally Posted by SJ View Post
Here are my setups
1st computer.
Old HP pavilion, athlon 2800+(2.13ghz) with one gig ram. I want to turn this machine into NAS(network attached storage). I want to get a new case for it, get a raid card and buy a few sata drives, and more memory. I hate it how it's just idle, collecting dust.

2nd computer
toshiba laptop. pentium 4 - 3.2ghz, 1gig of ram. My god this machine has given me so many problems. It runs hot, it's heavy and if you look at it the wrong way, you'll have to replace an expensive part. This is the same laptop I dropped,(if you remember that post)

3rd computer
custom built pc. Core2 duo e6600 2.4ghz, 2 gigs of ram. 1.5 terabytes of storage. This is my workhorse pc.

4th computer
macbook pro. 2.2ghz, 2 gigs of ram(tri-booting linux, windows and macOSX) bought this about 2 months ago. and it has served me well to get some work done on the road. I love it.

5th computer.
mac pro - dual xeons 2.66ghz(total of 4 cores) 4 gigs of ram. 2terabytes of storage. This is my main production machine.
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