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Default Re: Loose Change 2nd Edition

Originally Posted by FreedomNow View Post
There is a hyperlink within the article that argues against that thermite argument.

Glad u read it, tla.

I agree with his thesis that what these theories about murky, hegemonic groups that run the world and that everything we see (as in institutions etc) are just puppets does a disservice in folks who work to expose how fucked up govts and global institutions are and the history behind some of their most heinous acts.

I agree with that.
Thats a complex statement, on one hand he is saying its a "disservice" but at the same time he is doing a disservice by saying its strictly government. Di you ever see George Bush Jr. getting Knighted by the queen of England? I saw it on T.V. a few years back, I think right before (or in the begining) of his second term. Now I search online and cant find anything about it. People say it wasnt him but his father, i know his father was too, but I saw with my own eyes, George W. Bush getting knighted by the queen, now my point is why would the leader of this country bow down to the queen of england? makes one think, and to be a little on the crazy side with this one, the Bible predicts that the anticrist will speak all tongues and hold global power, sound familiar? (THE U.N) I do alot of reading and shit so I try to saty well rounded with all subjects; Bible, Astrology (Mayan Calander) politics, world news etc...and shit just fits, maybe not obviously but when you dig you see the string that hold alot of things together, if im rambling and changning the subject a lil sorry I just like these topic and Im trying to open more eyes to the truth that there is a reaason all this shit is in shit right now, its been planned, from our education to our health, all planned.
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