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Default Re: Oakland Raiders 2011...

Originally Posted by SJ View Post
as I told another friend, this "new era", as McKenzie puts it, might be the best/worst decision the raiders have made in the last 20 years....(it will beat the firing of Gruden if this "new era" fails)
x2. Mark Davis done fucked up if you ask me.

Originally Posted by ChicanoDan View Post
BTW Al Davis' Kid looks like ... well..

WTF? Really?

I sense the resemblance isn't a passing one...

Originally Posted by SADEYES View Post
Sill Lov3n Mi Raid3rs 3v3n Thou Th3y Didn't Mak3 It
Typ!n9 !n numb3r$ !5 4nn0y!n9, but th3 t!tt!3$ ar3 n!c3.
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