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Default Re: Fifteen Poets of the Aztec World

Originally Posted by tecpaocelotl View Post
Yes, it's basic knowledge, but many people have stereotypes of how Mexico was like before.

I don't know if you have read many random old books about Mexico, but if you were to read them, they make it sound like the conquest was a blessing by bringing "literature" & "poetry".
the conquest may have brought a few things that did help in some form or another, as to how people view it along with the sterotypes of Mexico will always be among different opinions. Old books about Mexico are written in they style of the author, just like poetry is written by the poet. In his/her own view. Literature can be an art, an art in different forms which are endless in expressions. Yet, it use to be limited. Limited to only in leans of certain views in how the expression is discused by the readers, thus, becoming those books that you don't agree with. Why, well, simply because those books seem to be (at the time) the only ones available.

Now, this art. Is more free these days. I'll take you for example Tec. You know quite a bit of knowledge in the native tribes of the Americas and history. So of course, you have read and studied in which has now developed your own views and contradictions. Well, perhaps you'd like to express your views, and share them with the world. Just like those books that are published in which you don't agree with. However, you have doubts that the industry will not publish your book. Which, has a high chance of happening, in turn, angering you a bit because the ones you don't agree with are already out theire.

But the thing now days is this. You don't need the industry to publish your views. You can do it on your own with digital publishing (ebooks). And guess what, your views that contradict those books in which you may not agree with but are available, are now available to argue your points and get them out. Just like you were able to get your hands on those books, people can get their hands on your book, and in time, send a sense of another resource in how people have another book to chose from.

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