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Default Re: Phoenixfire602 Vs Freedomnow

Originally Posted by phoenixfire602
u know fire spilt flames/turn freedom to ashes/
he aint a student at U S C/
hes a janitor on campus/ahahahah
u joke homie/ur lines aint even kind of scary/
only time he on da internet/
is when hes cleaning the library/
this spit here was hard as fuck!!!!

Now to my vote... It was hard to cast a vote... both of ya'll spit
out some major ill shit. On the real, both ya'll got mad talent. I've
said it once before and I'll say it again- You guys got mad skills...
Much props... But in the end I liked Phoenix's spits better. The two
previously quoted parts of your rips really hit hard and flowed very
smoothly in my opinion.

My vote: Phoenix...
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