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Default Re: The REAL reason Chicanas dye their hair BLONDE

They're trying to be. Cos thats the Mexican men drool over
I don't know about that lol...Go to school campus's you'll see the Mexi hoes with white guys and black guys..

In the barrios Mexi hoes gettin trains ran on them by other Mexican foos and black foos lol..

Out east, those Puerto Rican homos are tossin Mexi hoes up like free government cheese..

Those middle aged white guys that are married to White women will cheat on there wifes with Mexi hoes, get there Mexi mistress pregnant and than leave the girl and the kid to be a bastard lol..

And just think about how many blaxicans and white'sicans are gonna be running around 20 years from now? lol Thats going to reflect on our reputation as people in this Thats some shit I personally can live without..

So the trick is to fuck Mexi hoes the same way everyone else does, but you marry a bish from Colombia or Venezuela or somthin. I know not all Mexican girls are like that lol but theres a shit load that are, so you gota think about what kind of culture your gonna put your child into, if you even end up havin kids..
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