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Default Re: The REAL reason Chicanas dye their hair BLONDE

lmfao..technically Mexican girls are the 'new white girls.'

But when it comes to a womens hair, there has to be thousands of different motives for why and what they do to it...Talkin about women's hair here, how many dumb ass girls did you see with pink hair after that singer 'pink' came out?

Mexi hoe dyes her hair blonde, she's doin it cause she prolly thinks it looks cuter or somthin, but I doubt theres any white girl motives behind it...There might be though, cause it's not like ima fuckin mind reader or anything. But white girls dye their hair fuckin purple, brown, black, they'll put some highlights in it etc etc..

Tryin to figure out why females dye their hair is like tryin to figure out the fuckin cosmos..
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