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Default Re: Thank you for remembering my Birthday. Ive been absent so long.

BTOWNMAMI239 thanks for your warm welcome back. Actually in my days here prior to departure I spent my days joking around and trying to out-do the best of the jokers. I guess I burnt myself out and just found the jokes outdated and took another route and simply forgot about Soy until this morning.

As for my age, I do not consider myself burnt out in that sense of the word for I am now hopefully more mature and melow, away from insults and jokes.

I guess the reason I wrote today is because I agree with you that my people are those who are forgiving in heart and mind. I still have memories and recall several folks who I note are still around. I will see and wait for their input into my presence to decide if I want to remain around here another round.

That you do not recall my previous sojourn here is really no big deal for I never generated any followers who would not mind my giant ego and just roll with the punches and agree with anything I wrote about -- which was all stuff I would never dream of putting out there in public today.

In a nutshell, being back feels different this time. I`m older and I think wiser.

Thanks for your Birthday wish --- And yes, this is Soy!
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