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Default Re: The Coronavirus Covid-19

Originally Posted by LaChavela View Post
For my asthma, my Mom sends away for a tea call Tea De Castro. I also boil one onion, and one whole garlic ball, roots and all until its all mushy, add honey - its good for the cough and helps get you well and stay well.

I did the vicks on the bottom of the feet for my kids - and it really worked - it helped them sleep when they were coughing too much to rest.

My Dad would give us a cup with hot water 1/2 with whiskey mixed with honey to help us sleep.

My Mom also would do the egg thing, and massage the calves of our legs for stomach aches. She has lots of old remedies - I would like to write them down one of these days.
Yesterday I went to an elder uncle's house and he had me take a spoon of garlic & honey, I still think that I can still taste and feel the texture in my mouth, idk. I'm not sick he said just for good measure, kills viruses and stuff.
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