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Default Re: White Supremacy Acquits Zimmerman

Originally Posted by Nelio View Post
I honestly can say I have only paid for bud once in my life so far. And that was when i was like 18 or so, it was a bday present for a friend and I got her an ounce. Was like $40-$60.

I'm not a heavy smoker though. An 1/8 probably last me a whole month. Back when I was younger someone always had it, or had a connect. Even then though, maybe 12 yrs ago or so it was going for about $60 an ounce. Wasn't kush though.
an 1/8 will usually last me 2 weeks. I'm a daily smoker but I just take a few hits at a time. And I recently went 4 weeks without smoking anything. There were no withdrawl symptoms except for a little trouble falling asleep at night. I don't know where Gucci is getting this 'Marijuana addict' shit from
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