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Default Re: Making a Music Video...

Originally Posted by Nelio View Post
yeah, but with hindsight i could do things different. like the narration, i could have shot it and edited it in a little different. i probably could have done a few shots different, and maybe some different angles.

I could have done the teddy bear comming down the rope a bit different and shot it s bit different, but it worked. But yeah, we had no budget at all. We had the gear from the school, but we had to supply the tape and really all the props.

50 cents for the bear from goodwill. The shirt i wore and the jeans were from a old work uniform i had, the shirt i had plenty of and i trashed that one afterwards. i think it was like 2-3 bucks to make the blood. The sheet i "pee'd" on was an old sheet and we used tea and apple juice and i wish it still would have came out darker to bring out that it looked like pee. But really that was it. I mean it wouldnt have won any awards, but still.
Still... for a low budget flick... it was good and got good laughs...

Which is what it boils down to... ENTERTAINMENT.
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