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Default Re: The NAILS thread

Originally Posted by cleverlatina View Post
My daughter had her tips done red and then had zebra stripes over them. It looked really nice.
That sounds cute, post pics next time

Originally Posted by DOPEYX View Post
I just get manicures. I never actually get acrylic nails, because my natural ones are nice and thick already. I usually just use black and get some colored glitter to paint over the black. Other times, I'll get my tips painted black or white. lol
I dont get fake nails either, just manicures. My nails grow very long and strong, sometimes when I wouldnt want them to risk for them to break I would get just the acrylic but on top of my real nail not fake ones.. I do a lot of the designs I have myself with the Konad stamp art.. i love that
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