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Default Re: Most American's hate their jobs

Originally Posted by LaChavela View Post
Maybe its because of the fear of the unknown.

Its hard to just pack up and leave - its hard to be the new kid on the block again.
I can feel a bit of compassion for unhappy workers. It's not easy. But neither is life.

But the types of people that tick me off are those who have made it a habit to always complain about their current work situation. By either constantly complaining about their job to people(and or social networks) or just doing a shitty job.

Everyone is allowed to vent. It's only normal to have bad days. But when people make it a habit to complain about their job and not taking any steps to improve their life, that is what ticks me off.

I don't want to hear it and I doubt even those who are closer to these people care either.

Life is just way too short.
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