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Default Love Is A Lie

I am by NO stretch of the imagination, a writer, however, I wrote this at a time in my life when I was dealing with said issues .. I'd forgotten about it, but recently found it, so I thought I'd post it. WARNING: It's pretty "cheesy" - sorry bout that (lol)!!

He says that he loves me,
He even tells me how much ..
He whispers it soft, a gentle touch.

Today that changed,
He said he lied ..
That he no longer wants me,
He walked away as I cried.

So, I sit here alone,
I've cried my last tear ..
I want to move forward,
And forget my fears.

But how does one do that,
How do they go on?
To be all that they've dreamed of,
Yet not be used as a pawn?

To be strong in their heart,
And stand firm in their faith ..
To live life to it's fullest,
Minus feelings of hate?

I will not do this,
I won't let him win ..
I have our 2 children,
That he left too on a whim ..

He left me here,
To be alone ..
Knowing his love was a lie!!


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