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Originally Posted by Anahuac_History
Originally Posted by FreedomNow
There is a lot to be won in iraq by the US...something that money cant buy... which is experience.

the experience in fighting a war that is largely unpopular with the American people...

I guess you never heard of the Vietnam War, huh?

It kind of lasted like 10 years.

It was more unpopular than this war is right now.

P.S. If you think we will be able to attack China in the future
I want to smoke the same crack you're smoking.

100-200 million man army
as China is currently in possession of nukes
and acquiring military technology at an unprecedented rate.
i was being sarcastic...

and u dont think that the goals of global hegemony by the US do not include a conquest of china? then my friend... u have underestimated the enemy...
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