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Who has more power over the war:

- a Commander on the ground
- The United States on the UN Security Council with full veto power?

Who takes orders from whom?

During a war a commander on the ground has more power, not some politican back in the world.

You may want to tell the White House of your insightful knowledge:

No need to they stated this before. Just because you can't seem them doesn't mean they exist.

Did you not hear Vice-President Dick Cheney say it then?

This is what he said and it does not say with absolutness. He said working on not that he had them.

He's been free -- and we know he has -- to continue to improve his chemical weapons capability," Cheney said in the interview, broadcast Monday. "We know he has worked to and has succeeded in improving his biological weapons capability. And we're confident that he has also begun, once again, to try to acquire a nuclear weapon."

This is totally true.
Of course, that's because Bush totally doesn't care about catching the leader and mastermind of Al-Queda.

I agree with that and I never said otherwise.

You sure about that?

Well Since I knew there was no connection and it had been stated there wasn't I understand that Cheney was using propganda. Sorry if you or the other sheeple didn't.

Damn, guessing is a shitty reason to send thousands of Americans troops into harms' way, huh?
And you support his war based on "guesses?"
By the way, you're strating to sound like Clinton with the "is is" hair splitting of "no absolutes."

Its better then taking a chance that something was there as the old term "Better safe then sorry."

Well Daddy Bush and Reagan are th eones who supplied him wth weapons in the 80's.
Let's blame them.

Yeah they are and do you know for 100% that they didn't give him anything the shouldn't have? They sure taught Osama and crew how to us Black Ops and what happend Blow Back.

Didn't you use to be a big time war cheerleader on this board?
yeah, I seem to recall it.

Yeah I am for the war and listed my reasons for having to be there I have never hide that and I didn't hide that in this post.

No offense bro. I don't know you personally,
but you seriously don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I can say the same about you a sell out that is willing to work with the U.N.
No Chicano/Mexica militant or revolutionary would ever work with the U.N. as they are just as much apart of the system as any other entity.
We don\'t want power over white institutions; we want white institutions to disappear. That\'s revolution. ~Russell Means

The function of the law is not to provide justice or to preserve freedom. The function of the law is to keep those who hold power, in power. ~Gerry Spence
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