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No the Veto power we have is not the same as a military commander giving orders to the troops on the ground. American forces should not be under the command of any foreign entity.

WMD could still be there buried some where in the sand. Considering we were arming Saddam and we truely don't know what the Reagan Admin gave him durning the 80's.

We never stated there were nukes, WMD does not have to be nukes.

We never stated Osama was there.

We never stated a 9/11 connection.

In any of the hundred of hours of footage I recorded and watched did I ever hear that the above were absolutes. They were all guesses as well as the fact daddy probablly whispered in to Jr. ear, "Ah son I forgot to tell the people that I gave Saddam some nasty chemicals during the 80's build."

So if you don't trust Bush then why trust that he didn't hand Saddam something he shouldn't have, thus endangering the American people.

Both sides used propganda to get their point across that is the nature of the beast. I took boths sides words with a grain of salt, my concren was what may have been given to Saddam during the 80's.
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