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Default Re: Up against tha Payaso

who really wana trip-exchange clips-give lead mists,trade fists,or dare give diabolic a quiz//
that must be sum-1 who dont love to live//
or stuipidly blind awaiting the grime reaper to give-em a kiss//
who is this???an ese making all mc's throw a childish fit//
im the last don like kristy allie's son CRUCIFIX//
it's mah turn yall had ur chance an missed//
cuz nuffing exciting seems coming out ya lips//
so i came to save all of yall//
high ass phuck gangsta leaning like the tower of piza and still wont fall//
6 foot 2 inch's tall ready to to brawl//
mc's putting bluffs diabolic known to call//
ive battled muthaphuckas making up screens fo votes an still aint loss//
ya bitches proclaiming to be 10's but are really roman numerials awaiting to get crossed//
still mc enuff to admitt ive lost//
but those stupid fucks left me alive so a case they caught//
cuz ur style sound an smell store bought//
u better RO-Bot//
im my own man i follow no one elses commands//
your talent is visable like a naked eye trying to find a DNA strand//
or like saying there aint no fakes signed to def jam//
an fuck all those i eat shrimp an lobsters fag//
they better pray to the lord they neva run out of toe jam//
i rock mic'c man coming out the 928 home of the cactus an sand//
i'll leave ya DAMMED like 20 (bloods)pirus hitting up 5 (crips)HOOVERS with weapons at hand//
Ima kill ya fantasy liven like MJ's neverland ranch//
yall coyotes are failing on the drawing cuz this roadrunner seams to always fuck with ya plans//
shit im hated like bush all ova forein lands//
except fo one thing mah soulja's will neva die fo the grid of a man

a toast to ur ghost that be froozen,possen//
smile how u like me now u've been choosen//
2 be the first in a hurst that i drop a verse 2//
sitt an remonice y u wonder how i crused u//
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