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Aztec Thought and Culture by Miguel Leon Portilla--- This is the every day life about the Mexica, how the schools were ran, how our ancestors as young females and males lived, etc. Very good book

Zapata & the Mexican Revolution by John Womack -- Written by an anglo but still a very good book and goes into detail about what kind of man Zapata was and what was his background

Eyewitness by Jesus Salvador Trevino --- I think this is the one of the best books on what happened in the Chicano movement

Pre-Columbian Literatures of Mexico by Miguel Leon Portilla -- This book is more about our ancestors and what they wrote, how they thought, their poems, etc. Its very deep and shows the psyche of our ancestors.

A Chicano Manual on how to handle Gringos by Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez -- A good book on how twisted this world is

Message to Aztlan by Corky Gonzales -- Needs no explanation, every Chicano needs this book in their library

500 Anos del pueblo Chicano/ 500 years of Chicano history in pictures by Elizabeth Martinez -- Very good book on our gente, Although it doesnt really go back that far in history, it's still good to see pictures/actual proof of injustices done to our peoples

Youth Identity and Power by Profe Carlos Munoz Jr -- Probably the best book on Chicano movement with cold hard facts

Our word is our weapon by Subcomandante Marcos -- Very inspiring stories and poems, he does go off on a tangent sometimes but for the most part, good book.
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