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Nelio 03-04-2014 12:06 PM

Más Rudas: Chicana Art Without Apology
"The issues the ladies confront in their works, however, were proven all too real in 2011. After briefly visiting the Alamo dressed as an Aztec princess, a mariachi, the Virgin de Guadalupe and the Donkey Lady, Más Rudas was asked to leave the premises. The visit was filmed and displayed as a part of “Más Triste San Antonio,” an installation at Unit B (Gallery) that explored the fantasy of Mexican-American culture sold to tourists versus the reality lived by many in the city.

“They wanted to humiliate us,” said Gamez. “They viewed our actions as defacing the legends, but it was a commentary on how we feel as residents within spaces that cater to tourists.” She added, “These places should be considered a part of us and the experience was difficult for us as people who care about the city.”"

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