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  1. I'll Go First
  2. Calling All Devil Dogs
  3. anybody else out there stationed out in japan
  4. A man or boy?
  5. Join or not?
  6. My Tour!
  7. And here's my rant of the day!
  8. Wake up Call
  9. bad jokes
  10. For the VET's
  11. Funny Army/Marine story
  12. Assault on Fallujah
  13. Who is stationed in....
  14. 10 November 1775
  15. Happy Veteran's Day
  16. Korea???
  17. Going on leave...
  18. Goin to the feild!!!!
  19. 4th and 12 of dec are both good days
  20. A Soldier's Christmas
  21. Britain warned US to expect September 11 al-Qaeda hijackings
  22. Thank you from a US soldier
  23. Bush: No Iraq connection to 9/11
  24. Bush wants to cut veterans' benefits
  25. My Guns
  26. 3rd Mar Div ReUNI0N
  27. Marine jargin
  29. Gggrr...
  30. WHAT IS A VET?
  31. WHY WE FIGHT??
  32. Que si somos de planetas diferentes??
  33. The Ambitions of a Navy SEAL
  35. people who served
  36. slide show
  37. Should Mexico contribute to the war in Iraq?
  39. veteranos: countries you visited or stationed
  40. Anxious about getting out of the Navy
  41. Soldados, Chicanos in Viet Nam
  42. QUOTE
  44. Tired of Anti-American push we are Chicano and American
  45. A War Video
  47. Civilian life vs Military life
  48. I'm going to the Air Force but I feel my Recruiter is holding out on me...
  49. Asvab
  50. Citizeship for Vets
  51. For the Troops
  52. Tito Ortiz not allowed to bring his pornstar girlfriend to Marines ball
  53. Their Children Are Soldiers, but They're Fighting the War
  54. Farewell Marine
  55. To all the soldiers
  56. Inside an MRE (meals ready to eat)
  57. I'm going to Japan!
  58. Panel Fears Problems Go Beyond Walter Reed
  59. Cripples Going at Each Other!:
  60. I miss my Corps
  61. Vet's Against John McCain
  62. Injured Troops Struggle to Get Health Care
  63. Xxx
  64. much respect to all vets & soldiers
  65. White House opposes military pay raise
  66. Study: Gulf War vets' children have higher birth defect rates
  67. Hispanic military museum is planned
  68. La Voz compares Vets/Military to Nazis! WTF?
  69. Congratulations. . .
  70. $250,000 to $419,000 for Veterans
  71. Judge Orders Michigan Man to Scrub Veterans Memorial With Toothbrush
  72. Winter Soldier Syndrome
  73. Are you wasting your benefits? (Veterans)
  74. Operation Enduring Freedom....(Honoring our vets)
  75. 20 kills in 200 meters w/M16 and 9mm, Hooah!
  76. Juan Rubio had already earned the Purple Heart
  77. what is more patriotic than giving your life for your country willingly.
  78. Bush and Latin America Humanitarian Missions....
  79. Vets for Freedom: This is what we are doing "Over There"
  80. Vets for Freedom: Enbeded Reporter
  81. Return of the Eagles: The silent majority is silent no more!
  82. A year today...
  83. korea... any advice??
  84. War Costing $720 Million Each Day
  85. homosexual activity is immoral and should not be condoned by the military
  86. US MARINE HERO vs. Bush Family
  87. Army's new pussified Boot Camp Lite
  88. Introducing the New Joint Strike Fighters....
  89. AFRICOM MISSION: Navy helping Africa
  90. Our Soldiers teaching Iraqi Soldiers hand-to-hand combat...
  91. 9 G's......... (G-Force)
  92. What 3 ounces of C4 does.......
  93. Unlucky soldier.......
  94. Angel decoys......
  95. US Army Recruits Foreigners with Promise of Citizenship
  96. DEFENSE continues to assault California "Blazes"
  97. Why we serve.......
  98. Text message our troops (thanks)
  99. Defense Department, VA to Share Electronic Health Records
  100. Pentagon Honors Supporters of Disabled-Veteran-Owned Firms
  101. Attention Vets / Soldiers and Dependents...
  102. New war stories -- for those who'll listen
  103. Bangladeshis Thank U.S. Sailors, Marines for Cyclone Relief Efforts
  104. Pilot Program Cuts Disability Evaluation Time, Speeds Veterans' Benefits
  105. Coalition Forces Treat 450 During Medical Outreach
  106. Holiday Wishes for the Troops...........
  107. Silvestre Herrera, 1916 - 2007
  108. Group Says NBC Refuses to Air Ads Thanking Troops Over Holidays
  109. Army Prepares to Launch New Pay, Personnel System
  110. NBC Reverses Course, Agrees to Air Troop 'Thank You' Ad
  111. Recruting and Retention.........
  112. Keeping "morale" high in time of war......
  113. Travel Policy change benefits military families....
  114. Foundation honors servicemembers....
  115. When our Hero's come home make it a BIG DEAL!
  116. Munoz: Why We Serve
  117. war stories
  118. @ 18 tried inlisting
  119. The Double Standard in the Military
  120. La Raza and 9/11
  121. Child Support Assistance
  122. Prosecute Bush et al for heinous war crimes
  123. Misdiagnosed Personality Disorders in the Military
  124. Wat U Think About This Sh*t
  125. Canada Troops?
  126. Mexica Yaotl
  127. Uncelebrated Hero.
  128. Chicana Vet looking for other Chicana Vets--publishing your stories
  129. Powerful Words of Roy Benavidez