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  1. Travel
  2. 2003 TRAVELS
  4. Where would you travel?
  5. Tijuana
  6. Where would you want to live?
  7. Going to NYC, any suggestions??
  8. Rosarito Beach!
  9. Where should I go?
  10. Hasta Laterz!
  11. my trip to pacific city.
  12. plane ticket to europe
  13. Woo Hoo!
  14. Where to Go?????????
  15. Tell Me About Arizona
  16. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
  17. Budget Airlines
  18. What Killed Hitchhiking?
  19. Vegas Trip!
  20. Ideas?
  21. Cool words
  22. third world countries
  23. Anyone here from......
  24. YA MERO ME VOY!!
  25. Vacation Spot
  26. Airport RUles
  27. from chicago-texas
  28. ...what job would you like to do in Mexico?
  30. YC04 8/15-8/21
  31. Northern Cali
  32. If you could go anywhere in the world...where would you go?
  33. Next Saturday...
  34. El Grito!!!!
  35. Bye my Friends!
  36. What place of LATINAMERICA would you like to visit?
  37. New York
  40. Would you travel?
  41. Mexico City - Places to Visit?
  42. best City you've visited?
  43. where r yallz goin 4 christmas????
  45. Are you scared of Germany?
  46. Let's Go To Mexico!!!!!
  47. Has anyone been to, live(s/d), heard about Chicanos in ID?
  48. i need some advice...
  49. East LA
  50. Beach Resorts.
  51. where have u vacationed lately??
  53. My trip to Orlando
  54. ...any insider tips for Washington DC?
  55. CHIAPAS An adventure in reality
  56. where would u go?
  57. !summer!
  60. i'll Be Back ;)
  61. NYC Chicana/os
  62. Europe
  63. Anyone been to Savannah, GA ?
  64. I'm going to Mexico
  65. Japan
  66. Going to Mexico in '06
  67. Aztalan State Park Wisconsin
  68. Ciao For Now!
  69. folks from san antonio
  70. Quimichee goes to Vegas..now Laughlin
  71. who loves to go to mexico
  72. dream vacation spot
  73. i'm leaving
  74. Plannin another trip....
  75. Landing..................
  76. Zacatecas
  77. Leavin Denver Yup Yup Yup
  78. hELL Paso Here i Come (chihuahua 2)
  79. Going to Portland Oregon
  80. Vegas Trip!
  81. Time Travel (ufos)
  82. Sunday Is My Last Day Here On Soy
  83. Where was your favorite vacation spot?
  84. My Perfect Vacation...
  85. Whats Tha Current Weather In Ur Area?
  86. Puerto Rico!!
  87. Bad experience in Mexico?
  88. Nayarit
  89. I'm going to Miami, FL
  90. Centro Cultural Tijuana
  91. Im going to disneyland
  92. vacations & with who from soy would you take???
  93. Texas
  94. Going to Mexico City and surroundings
  95. Planning Trips for 2007
  96. Houston
  97. Hypersonic space planes promise 2 hour flights to other side of Earth
  98. My trip in pictures.
  99. Going Home
  100. Anybody from Alabama???
  101. Caminando entre muertos, Un recorrido por el museo de las momias de Guanajuato.
  102. They talk more of the current park than the past
  103. Hawaii
  104. Quimichin going tp Placita Olvera today.
  105. NASA - Houston
  106. Time Share
  107. Vacation Question
  108. Rocky Point Vacation
  109. Going Back To Cali
  110. Going to Vegas!
  111. Venezuela
  112. Florida Raza!!!
  113. Las Vegas!!
  114. San Antonio
  115. Car Permit to Mexico....Grandma is finally getting her PAPERS!!!!!
  116. Passport Question?
  117. What's good in Chicago?
  118. I'm going to Laughlin this weekend....
  119. Moving to Arizona
  120. cabo san lucas
  121. Maui no ka oi!
  122. Tulsa, OK
  123. We're going to Mexico!
  124. Still Want To Fly?
  125. Sunday night in Chicago
  126. US Waives Some Border Passport Rules
  127. Earth at Night
  128. San Francisco Area...
  129. Going to Cancun!!! wanna come?! :-)
  130. F*ck Frisco!!!!
  131. San Fermin festival
  132. so how is chi-town??
  133. I'm back @ L.A. and got pictures.
  134. just got back from mexico
  135. Quanax-juato/Mexiko 2-0-0-7 (No 56K!)
  136. Sotano de las Golondrinas San Luis Potosi, Mexico
  137. Long Beach Cali
  138. Me Voy!!!
  139. You ready for me?
  140. Im going to Veracruz
  141. 15 Tips for Flying
  142. Paracho, Michoacan
  143. Tepoztlan, Mexico
  144. Mexicali trip for the day...
  145. In Tikal, Temples in the Mist
  146. My trip to Florida
  147. From Cali to N.M
  148. spring break...
  149. Tennesse
  150. Las Vegas Hotels?
  151. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!!!
  152. Niyorco is saying goodbye......
  153. Your Travel IQ
  154. ppl from the SAN DIEGO AND LA AREAS!!!
  155. Passport ?
  156. California
  157. Hong Kong!
  158. I'm Going To Rio De Janeiro!!
  159. American to charge for 1st bag
  160. Im going to California
  161. Italia
  162. Ashburn, VA
  163. Az to Louisana
  164. Marine World Africa USA
  165. Chicano Tradition?
  166. I heard that ppl from soy gather together sometimes all in one place?
  167. Amsterdam to ban hard working ladies
  168. Big Bear
  169. cheap flights
  170. Queen's Travels
  171. Road Trip!!
  172. I'm Heading to Japan for a Year!
  173. Freedom goes to NYC....
  174. Seeking Mexico's heart
  175. People
  176. Mousiie is coming to LA!
  177. cruising with rum runners?
  178. Stricter Border Identification Requirements
  179. Cali-for-ni-YAY
  180. Bang Bang Bang - Banging San Francisco
  181. Im off...
  182. Southwest: $25 one way
  183. I'm off again...
  184. Santa Barbara/Wine Tasting
  185. Freedom goes Denver...
  186. Bocas Del Toro
  187. Freedom goes Indy...
  188. where have you been.....
  189. Soy Travelers
  190. Some Pictures of Cancun 2011
  191. Greyhound
  192. 9-11-11 - My trip to Los Angeles, CA.
  193. La Placita Olvera, Los Angeles, CA: 10-23-11
  194. Cabo and Puerto vallarta ?'s
  195. Chicago, IL
  196. Los Angeles attractions and public transportation
  197. gas prices...
  198. New Orleans Chicanos
  199. Bucket List Destinations
  200. What's to see in Kharkov? Staying for a month
  201. Are resorts better than regular hotels in Kiev?
  202. How do I book the cheapest airlines to Costa Rica?
  203. I left some things behind during a tour. Need help.
  204. I need vacation tips for Medellin. Advice please.
  205. Where to eat in Kiev? Any suggestions?
  206. How many days should I stay in Costa Rica?
  207. Budget for Latin stay. I need advice.
  208. Is tap water potable in Costa Rica?
  209. What's the voltage in Kiev compared to the US?
  210. Options to travel Peru to visit family
  211. Going back sooner than expected
  212. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?
  213. My trip to New Mexico
  214. Where can I find good Colombian coffee in Boston?
  215. Emergency contact info in Medellin?
  216. Hole in the wall restaurants in Costa Rica
  217. Girlfriend has severe anxiety with flying. Help!
  218. Temporary Ukrainian driver's permit for foreigners
  219. Cheap flights on Tuesdays only a myth?
  220. Budget itinerary for barranquilla
  221. Blondes and blue eyes in Costa Rica
  222. Visiting Thailand for a tour.
  223. How to volunteer for elephant bath in Chiang Mai?
  224. Bringing my surf board to Costa Rica
  225. Learning Spanish basics. Little help please!
  226. All-Expense paid vacation or tix for Alexander Hamilton
  227. Are dorm type rooms safe?
  228. I get stomach pains on a daily basis and Iím going abroad
  229. I travel a lot and it affects my dating life
  230. Hitting my fourth travel to the Philippines
  231. Hey Maldives! We're coming for ya!
  232. I worry about her safety
  233. Dad wants me to attend summer classes
  234. Should I go back to school?
  235. My mom won't approve my international travel
  236. Should I just travel alone?
  237. Should I pay for my fiancee's parents' trip?
  238. Are Peru ladies conservative or liberated?
  239. a foreign trip for my daughter's birthday
  240. Are single women in Thailand into make up?
  241. Do thai ladies prefer men who are taller than them?
  242. Mom finds out I'm part of a Latin America singles club.
  243. Worried about attending a foreign socials in the Philippines
  244. Can I bring my Ooma on travel abroad and use it?
  245. Worried about my safety for Filipina bride tours
  246. Going on multiple city singles tours, what to bring?