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  1. Proud to be Mexican/American
  2. you are still the same
  3. proud to be...
  4. discussion about bad people (PC title)
  5. racist and not know it
  7. self hating minority
  8. i gotz a question
  9. Spic?
  10. QuEsTiOnS
  11. WHY????
  12. RACISM....
  13. Racism in school
  14. Someone's Raw Opinions
  15. am i wrong?
  16. Is media 1 of the main reasons of racism?
  17. RACISM
  18. Mah feelingZ
  19. the concept of race
  20. Are you ...?
  21. Was that racism??
  22. Can People of Color be Racist?
  23. Chicanos agienst the world
  24. Blacks, Latinos face loan discrimination
  25. resist.com
  27. How Heritability misleads about Race
  28. Apache and Navajo slaves in Jalisco?
  29. I've had it
  30. Thinking of making a a World Club
  31. Hola..soy nueva...un chicano me dijo...
  32. Discrimination
  33. Who do you Idolize
  34. Gringa Against Mexicans
  35. This is not racist is it.
  37. Is it 'cuz I'm BROWN?
  38. Pouty White People
  39. Temperature is rising....
  40. When did you had your first fight with a guy or girl
  41. Hi
  42. RACE
  43. The Legacy of Native American Schools
  44. "Proper" English
  45. Texas Rangers go on Killing Spree
  46. Thanksgiving: The Truth
  47. Stereotypes of our people
  49. Human Sacrifice is racism...
  50. the term "brazer".
  51. Aryan Nations could rebound soon!
  52. Blatantly racist NY Times article against Mexicans
  53. Blatantly racist NY Times article against Mexicans
  54. The Mexican-American War, Round 2
  55. Illegal Immigration And The Minute Man Project
  56. San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre
  57. racism on xanga
  58. White Dependence on People of Color.
  59. TO much racism
  60. Racial profiling customers
  61. Chicago's Mexican community labeled as dangerous
  62. Politicians beat up on American Girl doll
  63. CAFTA (NAFTA all over)
  64. first class
  65. Ke Dicir about Thiz...
  66. gringo media doesn't let latinos be top news!
  67. '5.0 Against Their Own'
  69. Discriminated Against For 1st time in 16 yrs
  70. Racism in my High school!
  71. Plastic Shamans
  72. Sovereignty Is an Evolving Process Context is important in t
  73. Washington’s alarming foreign policy
  74. It's cuz we're BROWN!!!... in a white town
  75. l
  76. Revolutionary Suicide
  77. stab stab here stab stab there
  78. Know your enemy know yourself
  79. Another Baldwin Park?
  80. Gardengrove CA Event to honor minutemen founder
  81. Nevada- Racist convention held memorial weekend
  82. Burning crosses signal return of Ku Klux Klan
  83. SWARM - Virtual Sit In
  84. Conquering in the name of God
  85. not liking mexicans?
  86. A Reply to the SOS Declaration of “War”
  87. Anti-Minuteman Organizing Meeting 6/12
  89. People who see the conquest as a blessing...
  90. Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?
  91. Basic concept of divide and conquer
  92. If the white man wants to live in peace with...
  93. SOS target Solitude1977
  94. Disturbing Quote on the SOS site
  95. Race Bashing On Other Sites...
  96. Got called a...........
  97. Minute men coming to Houston
  98. Chicago Tribune Article-In Mexico, they don't see us
  99. Tejano come and get your beatdown!
  100. Racist Video...
  101. Another racist group
  103. Pics of Mexican lynchings by whites in Santa Cruz (GRAPHIC)
  104. Mexicans Deported in the 1930's
  106. MinuteKlan Phone #'s
  107. sosalert: they are at it again
  108. Beating victim recalls her ordeal
  109. Minute Men in Arizona
  110. Minutemen cry foul.....pobrecitos
  111. Sometimes it just don't pay to be a racist....er patriot
  113. Stupid Obtuse & Slow(SOS)
  114. This was just becuz we were mexicanaz
  115. Border Patrol story as told by an FBI Agent
  116. Racist Teacher Writes a letter to a congressman.
  117. you know what *screw* this *crap*
  119. Montezuma's crown should be returned
  120. Infiltraition...
  121. Redskin-It's still racist terminology...
  122. Non-white people in places of power.
  123. Just when I thought white boys had no balls.........
  124. The Farce we call Columbus Day
  125. The Last of Hitlers
  126. slavery is legal
  127. Racists assault a Mexican female at Michigan State Universit
  128. F*** RACISM
  129. Save Our State Returns
  130. This is how white people should think.
  131. wut-yaa_?
  132. Young Singers Spread Racist Hate
  133. Why!!!
  134. Racism on Nickjr.com
  135. Disney's Carib Indian cannibals deserve boycott
  136. President Bush at it again
  137. DOJ accuses Illinois University of being anti-white
  138. Man gets 6 years for damaging Machu Picchu
  139. Persons looking for advice to burning Mexican Flags
  140. White student refused to honor the Mexican Anthem
  141. (Job) lost in translation
  142. Racism within our Race
  144. Racism?
  145. Walmart links Martin Luther King to Planet of the Apes
  146. HPD's "Chicano Squad" files EEOC complaint
  147. Costa mesa City council hears protests of The community
  148. Racism and Sexism quote
  149. Can you lends a Niggah a pencil?
  150. The Word Mayate
  151. European Historical Values
  152. De-indigenizing The Continent
  153. Another form of Cultural Genocide
  154. Freedom of speech
  155. Police Allegedly Attack 75-Year-Old Man
  156. Manifest Destiny
  157. Mainstream Media
  158. Undocumented Immigrants Myths and Reality
  159. Irish Voice Lobbying to Defeat HR 4437
  160. "Latinos paid dearly after Katrina"
  161. The Racist Underpinning
  162. Racism toward whites in health care????
  163. Racism, Evolution, & the Media?
  164. Selective Paranoia
  165. Crazy Asian Woman doesn't know what she's talking about
  166. Burning of the MEXICAN flag!!
  167. Racist In Tucson Arizona
  168. I was debating the issue of immigration....
  169. racist comment made by a teacher at my school..
  170. Muslim Girl's Hijab Ripped off by Police at Immigrant Rights Protest
  171. 3yr old HITLER
  172. why racism...pfffff
  173. Brown Is The New Black
  174. Racist teacher......
  175. Extremists advocate murder of immigrants, politicians
  176. Border Guardians Call For Violence
  177. Illegal Immigration opponent creates stir at Cinco de Mayo celebration
  178. Persisting Problem
  179. Video Game Genocide
  180. Crazy White Person Thinks Wall was made by Chinese
  181. MEChA racism
  182. India Maria: Positive or Negative Stereo type?
  183. Chocolate City?
  184. they had 2 be white
  185. Ignorant!!!!!!!!!
  186. Atlantis, Mu and the Maya
  187. Are you racist?
  188. Question! What is a white guy in your opinion?
  189. white pride
  190. Race: Not Just a Social Construct Anymore
  191. European Racism
  192. Wetback Wedensday
  193. History books Acknowledge Atrocities
  194. does it piss you off...
  195. Does Myspace.com Have Alot Of Pages Like This 1?
  196. Did you know these historical figures were racists?
  197. When Discrimination Makes Sense
  198. Overstated Racism
  199. Pathetic: S.O.S. and their flunkies
  200. Jhon and Ken Show on KFI
  201. Police Officers
  202. Anonymous account of the Aztecs
  203. Racism in the world
  204. this is just wrong
  205. the melting pot (my opinion)
  206. Racism Grows
  207. Doesn't seem right
  208. Joe Turner running for school board
  209. Have you ever been treated....
  210. Thanksgiving A National Day of Mourning for Indians
  211. Is this ad racist?
  212. Quote by L. Frank Baum, author of Wizard of Oz
  213. 'Seinfeld' star Richards goes on a racist tyraid at Laugh factory and apologizes
  214. I think that this is very.....
  215. Can Hollywood Get Race Right? (about Crash)
  216. Michael Parenti: Race, Gender and Class Struggle
  217. L.A:Bonds approve destruction of Native American Burial Site
  218. Ethnic Cleansing in LA
  219. Anybody heard of these girls???
  220. Race: The Power of an Illusion
  221. Exodus of the Palestinian Christians
  222. Proper Protocol?
  223. What Do You Think About This????????????
  224. Ignore the nameless faces of color in movies....
  225. when you speak spanish
  226. THe Takeover of the Minuteman Project
  227. what are your thought's about the minute men on the border.
  228. Nine criminal charges filed against Save Our State member
  229. Western Ideals Ended Slavery
  230. Is having a black boyfriend really a problem?
  231. Ignorance?
  232. Ftp
  233. Ku Klux Klan crashes Minuteman rally
  234. Immigration Racism
  235. Question for the ladies
  236. Is Racism a Western Idea?
  237. Left-Wing Hate and Right-Wing Hate Become Indistinguishable
  238. imagine that
  239. Black panthers and Radio, Imus and the Liberal racist
  240. Q: Which MSNBC anchor should resign to make room for a minority host?
  241. Racist Couch?
  242. Blacks feel threatened by Mexicans...
  243. Pathology of a Hate Crime
  244. Did U Guys Miss Me??????
  245. Racism
  246. F**k Mcyntire and KABC radio!
  247. Ross Kemp on Gangs _ Part 4
  248. what the worst?
  249. school children and minute men.
  250. Critical Race Theory