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Seattle Swaps Columbus Day For 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-10-13 13:02

This year's Columbus Day holiday will have a slightly different, more Native flavor in the city of Seattle.

Activists Want Knott's Scary Farm to Scrap Dia de los Muertos-Themed "Scare Zone"
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-10-13 12:26

What's scarier than scurrying cockroaches closing Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant for a day?

Native 'Top Chef' Finalist Says Aboriginal Cuisine's Time Has Come
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-15 13:42

As a contestant on Top Chef Canada, Rich Francis wore his Aboriginal heritge on his sleeve -- literally.

Senate Confirms First-Ever Native American Woman As Federal Judge
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-15 13:39

The Senate quietly made history on Wednesday night when it confirmed Diane Humetewa as a federal judge -- the first Native American woman to ever hold such a post.

“Mound F” Discovered at Poverty Point
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-15 13:29

Sediment tests have shown that archaeologist Diana Greenlee has discovered another mound in a remote, wooded area at Poverty Point.

Codex Chimalpahin to be auctioned
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-13 00:31


Codex Chimalpahin, together with other Nahuatl works, to be auctioned.

New Evidence Unearthed for the Origins of the Maya
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-04 23:00

Civilizations rise and fall, often in dramatic fashion. Their origins, though, are subtler and tend to be overlooked or poorly understood.

Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-04 22:58

Central-east Mexico gave birth to the domesticated chili pepper -- now the world's most widely grown spice crop -- reports an international team of researchers, led by a plant scientist at the Univers

Anthony Bourdain Under The Volcano
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-05-04 22:56

Americans love Mexican food. We consume nachos, tacos, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, tamales and anything resembling Mexican in enormous quantities.

Hundreds in Mexico Protest Telecommunications Law
By tecpaocelotl at 2014-04-24 22:53

Hundreds of students and activists marched in Mexico’s capital Tuesday to protest a telecommunications law being debated by the Senate that they say will allow the government to arbitrarily censor I



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